Our Team

Our Team

At New Jersey Spine Center, you get the best care possible. You can rely on the expertise of our physicians, who received their training at the country’s elite institutions and hospitals.

Steven Dorsky, M.D.
Kenneth J. Rieger, M.D.
J. Scott Clark-Schoeb, M.D.

Matthew Lipp, M.D.
Brett Gerstman, M.D.
Michael Alapatt, M.D.

New Jersey Spine Center is the leading choice for spine care in this area, including eastern Pennsylvania and southern New York. We bring the highest caliber of cutting-edge, comprehensive spine care found in the nation’s finest teaching hospitals to the region.

We provide a comprehensive evaluation process permitting a thorough and complete evaluation of your problem and permitting appropriate decision making. The specialists of NJ Spine Center provide a multi-disciplinary approach in one center, enabling us to present you with the options available for care that will improve your quality of life. Our multi-disciplinary approach to care permits us to provide you, the patient, with “best practice”.